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Case Studies

Case Studies

Can Do Enterprises have always maintained a close working relationship with its many vendors. Establishing and maintaining good vendor relationships is a process that is not immediate, it must occur over a period. A good working relationship with vendors is essential in minimizing problems that may arise periodically. By combining the expertise and talents of vendors, innovative ways to manage resources and provide a better service to the customer can be created. For example, CDE continuously work with Waste Management; our two companies are continually working together to create solutions that improve efficiency and cut cost to our customers. At one venue, we were able to cut cost by $4,000 annually. Event cleaning is a labor driven service. Successful relationships with labor companies are vital to maintaining a working relationship with the customer. We understand that a relationship built on mutual trust has exponential benefits that contribute to the success to everyone involved. As Can Do has grown our business, we have developed a strong working relationship with a large vendor network that allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive cleaning solution.


Building A Successful Customer Relationship

To ensure a successful event, open channels of communication must be in place between the cleaning company and the venue. Communication is the key to success! Clear communication not only helps us stay current with your ideas and opinions it also helps us to better understand your needs as a customer. For example, at an event we were providing cleaning services for scheduled event times were changed at the last minute. The facility took the time to communicate these changes to Can Do Enterprises and we were able to change our staffing schedules to provide the appropriate level of service. Communication between the cleaning company and the venue are necessary for many other aspects of effective and efficient service. When large numbers of temporary labor are in use, it is vital that all parties involved have an understanding of how the traffic patterns and parking areas are setup within the facility to ensure logistic efficiency. It is important to note that differences of opinion on operational issues can occur. However, with communication in place and an open forum of ideas such problems can be resolved. All parties involved must be able to communicate their needs so that issues can be resolved as they arise.


Details Make the Difference

In the business of event services it is important to have an understanding of the attention to detail that is needed within the facility. Though all spectators within a facility expect a high level of cleanliness, some customers have a greater investment in a facility with the purchase of seating in suites, entry into hospitality areas, and interests within other VIP areas. Due to the level investment into the venue, these customers have greater expectations of the cleaning services received. Can Do Enterprises has vast experience in dealing with the demands of these important customers, and has employees who specialize in this type of highly detailed cleaning. These employees are able to exceed the high expectations of your valuable customers.


The Efficiency You Demand

Many venues today have events that continue for multiple days with high volumes of guests. In order to meet the demands that are brought to the facility for these long periods of high occupancy, the company offering cleaning service needs to have the experience necessary to complete an efficient and comprehensive cleaning. This service must be completed both when the venue is occupied as well as when the venue is vacant. Can Do Enterprises is experienced in organizing the cleaning efforts within these types of events. Our management team has the ability to coordinate numerous crews to achieve the results that you and your spectators demand.

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